How to Create Icons With Flat Icon

Today, I propose to discover a website that permits the use of free and customized icons: Flat Icons.

Find your own icons using Flaticon

Flaticon is a free icon generator for your various projects. It comes in the form of a small web service. It gives you free way to choose an icon from a library containing over 2,500 free images. After this process, you can customize them thanks to a small editor.

Icons are organized in a quite diverse list. It would have been very practical a search engine, but unfortunately, it’s missing.


The editor is simple, but actually pretty good. However, I can say it would have something to improve: vector formats would be warmly received when exporting an image, instead using png formats.


Ultimately, Flat icon is a pretty nice and practical website and a small update would be just perfect.

As well, we sugest to visit who doesn’t have an editor but the possibility to download the icons in different formats (psd, eps, png…). In addition, it allows the creating of custom icon fonts and a terrific plugin for Photoshop and Illustrator. Once installed, you have in your software a search engine which permits placing a vector shape in your design in seconds! Therefore, it is a precious tool.

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