Free Stock Photos of High Professionalism

We are glad to share with you two examples of websites with free stock photos of high professionalism: FFCU and Raumrot. We invite you to discover them, as we guarantee that their help will be very useful  if you search often for images illustrating your web projects.

FFCU – Free For Commercial Use

In general, we have all experienced this kind of situation when we search for free of rights images in order to illustrate a project without necessarily paying for them. It is simple why we prefer to do this. Maybe because of the project itself, maybe it is a client who does not wish to make this type of purchase or maybe just because of a personal project.

Visit FFCU includes a list of the free best image galleries. Most frequently used licenses are:

CC BY 2.0 (Attribution to the creator, free for commercial use)

CCO 1.0 (Public Domain Dedication)

We have presented a resource extremely valuable which can serve you in different areas: from web design to graphic design and motion graphic design. You can also share it with your own customers if they wish not to spend any money.
This first website on the list offers high quality images, easy to use, and very helpful for a vast majority of projects.

More than 700 Free Stock Photographs for Commercial Use

Raumrot website displays images made by German photographer and media designer Markus Spiske, covering a diversity of popular topics such as Business, Nature, Sport, Transport, Urban or Food & Drink. Usual snapshots are not featured here. But high standards are.

You are allowed to use all the photos in all available resolutions for free and even for commercial projects. All you have to do is to attribute the creator correctly. An example of how it should look like is the following:

Photo(s): Markus Spiske / / CC-BY





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