Gravit Design Tool

Today we share with you our latest discovery: Gravit – an open source design tool, entirely created with the help of web techniques. It works on almost every system including Mac, Windows, ChromeOS or your own web browser. We would like to show you a few things that captured us.


A Versatile Tool

Currently in beta version, Gravit aims to become a precise and easy-to-use graphic editor, one which will help you to make simple editing operations thanks to its versatility. Even if it’s new, Gravit shouldn’t be underestimated. The today’s version was developed in about two years and were spent approximately $270.000. It is completely written in HTML5, CSS3 and JS.


Gravit supports multiple pages with different sizes and margins. It is up to you if you want to work on a single page or on multiple pages at once. They can have any background like gradients or being transparent.


Smart Objects

What I love about them is that every shape is incredibly smart in terms of its individual special editing behaviour. Use the subselect-tool (activate via ‘A’ key) to activate the smart object mode.


Apart from being a young application, Gravit combines simplicity with elegance. You can save a lot of your precious time by sharing design assets between multiple documents and unifying your designs. Play around with colors, gradients, patterns, share your styles, use color palette selection and more advanced techniques like applying multiple-layered visual effects.

Smart Duplicate

Duplicate a shape, apply any kind of transformation and duplicate it again without de-selecting. In this way, Gravit will automatically interpolate your transformations for each duplicated element.


In what concerns us, web developers have done a pretty awesome job up to now. Applications which are built with web technologies (to be more specific, wth node-webkit) are very common nowadays, but we’ve never seen a “web” application to be as good as Gravit for a native application.

To learn more, I suggest you to take a look at the conversations concerning Gravit on Hacker News. You can find out more about the origins and motivations behind the project, as well as asking questions to the main developer.


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