Mobile Animations

Animations and gifs are famous again since the beggining of the year due to the dynamic creations based on ergonomics and interactions. These designs are often used to illustrate animations on mobile, but we start to see gifs used in larger domains representing icons or logos.

All gifs examples featured in the Guifff platform are a useful resource of inspiration. You can find nice concepts and discover beautiful interactions. Also, we have selected another examples of quality gifs and mobile animations. Check them out:

Proces animation

Sidebar animation

Fold Effect

Animated Icons Finale

GIF : Delete task and assign task to your teammate in action

Rolling Cloud Animation

UI8 Wireframe Kit

Animated UI

Subscription form [Animated]

Capptivate – a Platform Specialized in Mobile Animations

In the animation field, Capptivate is a new platform specialized in mobile animations and interactions. Unlike the examples above, this platform uses a video format and not gifs for animations. The only thing that is a bit annoying is in the launch videos, where you have to fly over the thumbnail to start reading. It can slow down the browser. Aside from this, Capptivate reunites many animations of good quality, able to offer you the inspiration you need.

Website: In order to make an idea about the creations available on the site, we present you a small selection:


Dark Sky – Weather Radar

Your extra life

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