How to Analyze and Compare Website Traffic with SimilarWeb

Today we will suggest you an online tool that will allow you to understand and analyze the statistics of a website with

An ergonomic and helpful tool

Concerning web traffic measurement tools, we find out that is quite difficult to establish which one is most accurate. Recently we came across tool that provides a simple interface, illustrated with a large data set.

It is important to start a research upon these different tools available when starting a web-based business, because it allows you to track what are the profitable keywords and what are the less eficient. We are used to call on which is one of the most popular platforms. Despite its popularity, also presents disadvantages, such as the very sketchy information and statistic presentation.

A superior alternative is, made by the SimilarGroup, which has the largest user panel of any web measurement service. Apart from showing just a “traffic rank”, SimilarWeb’s tools show the real traffic numbers and where the traffic comes from. There is the free tool for the casual users, and the paid tool for professionals –

You can find information grouped into 9 parts with an overview of traffic per month, geolocation, leading reffering websites, social networks, similar websites etc. SimilarWeb is distinctive from other tools by showing the traffic insights about the websites you browse.

Compare different competitors

In addition, SimilarWeb offers another great facility: you can add various competitors proposed by the tool to compare the statistics. You are allowed to go up to 3 websites simultaneously, but you can’t continue adding more without the pro version.

The tool we presented you today remains a very useful one thanks to its functionality and accuracy. It helps you to create quick benchmarks for your projects or clients, or to simply feed your curiosity if you want to know the statistics of a website.

Do not hesitate to leave us your thoughts in comments about what other tools you normally use for this kind of analysis.





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