13 The Most Beautiful and Ingenious StartUp Logos

Talented designers are extremely sought after by start-ups. Which companies have the best logos? We found the most simple and intuitive ones. Some have many meanings. Here are some of the best corporate logos.

Square Logo

Square bets on simplicity.

Supercell Logo

Supercell uses a huge font and tightened letters, a cool trend for T-shirt right now.

HotelTonight Logo

The HotelTonight’s logo is both “H” and a bed.

Duolingo Logo

The Duolingo’s owl, “Duo”, is a good example. Because owls are wise, and because Duolingo helps its users to learn new languages.

Evernote's Logo

The elephant form of Evernote’s logo follows the same logic. The elephants, like the notebooks in Evernote cloud, never forget.

Snapchat Logo

A ghost, like the Snapchat mascot “Ghostface Chillah”, disappears in the same way as the photos sent via Snapchat.

Tinder Logo

Tinder, the application where the user decides who is “hot” and who is not, uses a flame, and rightly so.

Frontback Logo

Frontback, a photo app that allows you to take two pictures at once – the one with the camera in front of the smartphone, the other with the camera behind, uses a smiley face.

Quip Logo

Quip’s Logo is both a “Q” and a pencil with a sheet to represent the tool for creating documents.

Thrillist Logo

Thrillist logo turns two “T” in East and West on a compass.

Rdio Logo

Music notes are both the letter “O” and the interior of the letter “O” in the logo of Rdio.

Soundcloud Logo

Half of the Soundcloud’s cloud is transformed into radio waves.

Foursquare logo

Foursquare logo represents both the American game Four Square and one of its key features, the “check” sign used for check-in.

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