How to Choose Wisely Your Fonts

An effective market strategy is necessary for the success of any business – large or small. One of the key elements of a successful brand image is choosing to have a clear visual identity. The design must be found out equally in the website conception as in presentation or in the company’s promotional e-mails. The conception is effective only if it complies with the image of the brand and its values are successfully transmitted to the target market.

At this time, when many business leaders become increasingly aware of the importance of a good design in their marketing strategy, the fonts are often an insignificant aspect. And for good reason: some of them don’t have an expert knowledge in this subject in order to form an opinion concerning the policy that would best fit their needs.

We would like to help you revise your strategies by providing the best fonts for your business.


A brief introduction to fonts

First and foremost, it is important to understand the fundamental typographic division that distinguishes the two main families of fonts: Serif and Sans Serif. Serif fonts are characterized by small decorations which form the termination of letters. “Sans Serif” typefaces are those that do not have these ornaments.

In general, serif fonts are identified with “old school” style, that is suitable for printing. You can see them mostly in jurnals, books and magazines. But they are considered, indeed, more legible and accountable for long texts.

On the other hand, they are considered by many, modern and generally very used in Web domain. From the visually point of view, they are more simpler, clearer and easier to read on a digital interface.

We mentioned the basics, however, note that these distinctions are approximate. Some may even say that Serif fonts must be abandoned.


What fonts would you like to use?

To answer this question, you first need to analyze the identity of your brand. What would you like to transmit to your target market? Do you use mostly a visual or textual content? What visual style best reflects the values of your business?

In the end, no rule can actually be imposed. Only your goals are taken into account when choosing your policy.


A practical advice

Unless you are a professional in typography, I suggest not to use more than two fonts on your website. Display your texts in a simple, classic font and add a bit of creativity using more creative fonts for your titles.

If your domain is related to a “traditional” market – consultant, real estate agent, lawyer – you should use classic fonts.

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